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Occupation in Astrology: Some notes from the 10th house

Occupation is generally ruled by the 10th house house in astrology. Of course there are many things to take into consideration when forecasting occupation from a chart, but in common parlance, the 10th house is most important determinant of occupation. We need to consider the condition of the 10th house as well as the lord of the 10th house including all conjunctions and aspects as well a various other conditions of strength and dignity. Of course many other conditions in the chart influence occupation, but for this article I want to just focus on the 10th house.

Other important points to consider about occupation are of course the 1st, 5th and 9th to see how personality, mind and luck will play out for a person in general. But the 6th house is also important to see what kinds of day to day service and duties we will perform. Sources of wealth can also be important, which includes 11th house gain as well as 2nd house prosperity. Some (usually favourable) connection between these houses and the 6th or 10th helps for good career.

10th house has to do with pubic reputation more so than career. It just so happens that we are generally known and reputed (or disreputed) for what we do in the pubic sphere. If one is respected, this is generally because one has a favourable career. Malefic influences can garner respect and high position thru fear and intimidation just as easily as they can lead to disrespect and a lowly, powerless place in society. Benefics can likewise bring respect and position thru good acts and sound choices just as easily as their weakness can bring poor choices and foolish acts. Some people gain by going out and creating trouble while other only get more trouble. On the other hand some gain by good works while others seem to only attract trouble thru their good works. In order to understand this balance, it’s crucial to understand the various ways that that planets become benefic or malefic, the various yogas, as well as the various calculations to determine strength or weakness of a planet. These things have to be determined for each and every planet affecting the 10th house and it’s lord (and actually the whole chart) before beginning to understand the outcome of those influences.

No one chart is 100% accurate, and for this reason vedic astrology uses several charts, always weighing them against each other. For instance, which chart is strongest between rising sign, Moon sign, or Sun sign. The navamsha tends to show the result of the main chart, and when all else fails, consult the dashamasha. Of course one need to be quite sure of their time of birth before consulting the vargas.

In any case, this is my compilation of information related to 10th house career indications.

This is not an original article, I’ve merely put together information from various sources as a kind of reference guide to occupation. Some of those sources are: Mantreshwara’s Phala Deepika, as translated by S.S. Sareen; Maharishi Parasara’s Brihat Parashara Hora Sastra as translated by Girish Chand Sharma, Pt. Dhundiraj’s Jataka Bharnam as translated by Girish Chand Sharma, Bhatt Narayana’s Chamatkar Chintemani as translated by S.S. Sareen

10th lord in….. (the various houses) 10th lord show the direction of karmas and the source of ones fortunes

1st house: Can give fame and rise by perseverance, you can be identified with some pubic institution, or be self employed. Likely to be scholarly and gain high status. Often gives some ability to govern.

  • If conjunction with Lagnesha=famous pioneer on ones field; may found an institution.
  • If with benefic= top position of power and authority; ego consciousness
  • If with malefic=disgrace, humiliation
  • If exalted, moolatrikona or with a powerful planet=will do something that will be remembered after death.
  • With moon=marines or navy
  • With Saturn=good at accounting and calculation
  • Association with Rahu or Ketu=computer work, secret service or spy
  • If Saturn = Illness in childhood; if Sun = Independent profession; if Mercury = fickle-mindedness; if Jupiter = law practice fame, status, honour.

2nd house: banking, finance, government authority, family business, cook. Work related to face, speech, historical knowledge, languages, lawyer, lecturer, banking or shares. Venus can give banking or singing.

  • If conjunct 2nd lord=interest on capital, restaurant catering, agriculture or philosophical lectures.
  • If 10th lord is afflicted (as well as 10th house)= losses to or end of family business

3rd house: Crafts and engineering, media, writing, marketing, sales, public relations, dealing with social conflict. Much short travel, brothers (or friends) may be helpful with career. Winner of competitions.

  • If well placed=speaker, writer, celebrity, frequent job changes
  • if conjunct 3rd lord= boom prosperity during dasha of 10th lord. Swift career rise; many promotions.
  • If 10th lord is also in 6th, 8th, or 12 from karakamsha=slow rise with many obstacles.
  • if 3rd lord is afflicted=rivalry with brothers, reverses of career

4th house: Autos, building material, agriculture, dairy, schools, home security/protection, folk customs, home parent, happiness in career, working from home.

  • If 10th lord is strong = universal respect, royal honour, agriculture, property, water related, welfare or the people as a politician.
  • If 10th lord is malefic planet = extraordinary success, top executive, head or an organization. Will have servants and be responsible for delegating tasks, famous for learning in many subjects.
  • If 4th lord afflicted = loss of reputation
  • If 10th lord eclipsed, afflicted, or conjunct 8th lord = loss of lands; servitude
  • If Mercury is ruler of 4th or 10th = wealth thru business and trade
  • If 4th and 10th lord are in exchange = successful politician or minister
  • If 4th, 9th, and 10th lord are beneficial and related to each other in some way = head of state; high authority
  • If 10th lord suffers kendradhipati, is related to 12th lord or to Rahu = imprisonment, forgery, false implication, suspension of service

5th house: Will be known for intellectual power, successful, scholar, pious, professor, educator, writer, educator, actor, politician, or involved with political entertainments (possibly a volatile career), celebrity drama, may have many followers, speculation, brokerage. If Sun, then public and private life become fused and you will be well known for public drama or romantic encounters based on prestige. May have many changes in professions (especially 10th lord dasha).

  • If 10th lord in 5th house is in a trikon house in Navamsha = head of orphanage or remand home.
  • If afflicted = professional blockage, inability to settle profession, or lack of recognition from superiors.

6th house: Doctor, lawyer, judiciary, prison, hospital, military service. Service to the underprivileged. Comfortable working for others. Service or labour work. Otherwise it could be a very disruptive placement: no respect for your work, very high professional expenses. Mars is good for surgery or military profession; Saturn can give good stamina to defeat enemies; Mercury can make you one who communicates about illness and obstacles (ex. Court reporter, or giving medical warning to the public); Venus in this situation can give alcohol addiction of sex scandal.

  • If 6th and 10th lords are friendly = beneficial service, good professional life, may attain a position of authority without much financial benefit.
  • If 6th and 10th lords are enemies = inconsiderate boss, blemished professional record, poor monetary stability. Further association with Rahu can bring disgrace, criminal activity, imprisonment.
  • If 10th lord is afflicted = troubles, transfers, career enemies, fear in professional life. May have legal trouble in the dasha periods of 6th and 10th lords

7th house: Varied interests, equal dedication to professional and family life. Diplomacy, brokerage, advice, negotiation, attorney, spouse, social or spiritual career, successful, may be known as a crusader whose advice is sought.

  • If not afflicted = enhanced career prospects after marriage, spouse may be helpful, partnership with wife, goods transport.
  • Affliction = improper relationships in the workplace.

8th house: Mining, minerals, managing confidence (ex. lawyer or astrologer), low criminal work. Involves secrecy, research and hard work. Could raise worries, failures, and breaks related to the career. Loss of inherited property.

  • If exalted, moolatrikon, or good position in Navamsha = great thinker, may hold high office for a short time.
  • Conjunct 8th lord = earn from will, insurance, things related with death.
  • If Jupiter is related to this 8th lord = mystic or spiritual teacher
  • If conjunct Lagnesha = short life
  • If afflicted = criminal acts, sin, multiple professions, unaccounted earnings.

9th house: Successful, government powers

10th house: Skilled in all jobs, devoted to teachers

11th house:

12th house:

General rules

(…in 6th, 8th, or 12th house can give troubles from the government.)

It’s also said that profession will be related to the Navamsha occupied by the 10th lord. I’ve summarized from Mantreshwara’s Phala Deepika as translated by S.S. Sareen.

If 10th lord is in….

Sun’s Navamsha: fruit trees, mantra, cheating, gambling, lies, selling wool, medicine, work with metals, service to the king, or renunciate.

Moon’s Navamsha: water products, pearls, coral, transacting agriculture, cattle, garments, voyage to holy place, or service under young women.

Mars’ Navamsha: metals, warrior, cook, land, gold, weapons, making trouble, tourism, spying, theft, keeping company of evil men.

Jupiter’s Navamsha: from Brahmins, deities, state favour, recitation of Purana, study of Sastra, preaching, giving religious instruction, lending money.

Venus’ Navamsha: from women, cows, buffalos, elephants, horses, 3 forms of dancing, thru silver, scents, milk, ornaments, silken finery, royal association, own poetic talent (writing).

Saturn’s Navamsha: roots, fruits, hard work, thru attendants, rogues, from menials with no scruples, adulterated food grain, as porters, base occupations, sculpture, wooden materials, butcher, executioner.

Additional rules relating to Navmasha

  • If the Navamsha of the Atmakaraka is associated with the Sun = government or public business
  • If planets in their exaltation occupy their depression Navamsha, Raja Yoga’s become futile
  • If exalted Sun is in depressed amsha = prince becomes a beggar

The planet in the 10th house will also exert it’s influence.

Sun in 10th: gain from government, vehicles, strength, fame, pomp and show celebrations, father profession, social service, political or social science.

  • Aspected by a good Mars can give rapid advancement and/or a career as a judge or minister.
  • Aspected by a good Saturn can make corporate or government executive.
  • Aspect by poor Saturn will bring hardships into professional life.
  • In Scorpio this could signify a doctor

Moon in 10th: frequent rise and fall of career, enjoys the pomp and show, public recognition and success in elections (malefic influence can bring public scandal). Trade of household articles, import/export of luxury items related to comfort and pleasure, rare and novel items. Sea faring, nursing, cooks, hawking, advertising.

  • Malefic Mars conjunction can bring heavy losses.
  • Malefic Saturn conjunction can bring difficulties in trade.
  • Afflicted moon brings reversal, downfall, or opposition by the public, scandal (the more strongly placed is the 10th lord, the greater will be the scandal.
  • benefic influence on the Moon in 10th = gain thru public election, leadership, and success in all ventures.

Mars in 10th: Auspicious placement for mars can give sudden rise and often makes one a “self made man.” A cruel king praised by others. Known for courage and adventure. As raja yoga planet he can give high distinction in police or military. An influential person, sportif, commanding, manager, obeyed, popular. Gain in agriculture, land deals, fire, energy, construction, engineering, sculpture, draftsman, dentist or work with steel. Could be a manager or salesman or dentist. May face defamation.

  • If well aspected by Mercury = engineer, sculpture, mechanic, surgeon, ect
  • If afflicted by Mercury = mason, labourer, iron smith, butcher tanner, bath or laundry attendant, furnace-man.
  • If afflicted by Saturn = business failure, laborious work, vindictive, resentful, skeptical.
  • If well aspected by Jupiter = enterprising, courageous, instinctive
  • If afflicted by Jupiter = self-deceptive, wasteful, overly enthusiastic.
  • As raja yoga = King, prince, noble, distinction in police or military. With Jupiter one gets great wealth and prosperity thru career (especially in Aries, Taurus or Sagittarius in 10th)
  • Afflicted mars can give public defamation.

Mercury in 10th: Earns from teaching, arts and crafts, music, writing, working with the courts. Banking sector, astrologer, analysis, occultist, electrician, psychologist, math, clerk, newspaper vendor, postal service, commissions.. May have several occupations. Sweet spoken and pleasure loving, high learning, knowledgeable, wealth, property, honour from king.

  • If alone (without aspect or conjunction) = exporter, wholesaler, distributor, commissions agent
  • Good aspect = adaptable; bad aspect = difficult fluctuations.
  • Influence of benefic Sun = printing press.
  • Influence of benefic Mars = land broker, commercial and enterprising work.
  • Influence of benefic Saturn = land business, administration, or chemistry and science.
  • Influence of benefic Jupiter = Astrology professor, philosophical, profitable endeavors.
  • Exalted or own sign = success in language, business, excellent memory, speech, mathematics, linguistics, brokerage, writing, finance.
  • If in enemy sign, malefic influence = foolish activities, obstructive, mean.
  • If in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius = mathematics, teaching, clerk in engineering department.
  • If in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius = clerk in survey department or post office.
  • If in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn = business, commissions, travel agent
  • If in Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces = editor, printer, publisher, news papers or stationary.

Jupiter in 10th: High official of the state, excellent conveyance, performs public ceremonies, recognized and renown, banker, professor, philosopher, insurance, strategy maker, acts are beneficial to society, secure, influential, important position. Gains wealth (5th look on 2nd house), owns a large spacious building (7th look on 4th house), good health (9th look on 6th house).

  • If conjunct Sun = wealth thru father, dutiful, righteous
  • If conjunct Moon = Wealth from mother
  • If conjunct Mars = wealth from enemies (from husband if woman)
  • If conjunct Mercury = from friend
  • If conjunct Venus = from wife is man (from women is female)
  • If conjunct Saturn = from servants
  • Afflicted by Mars = legal trouble, heavy losses
  • Afflicted by Sun or Moon = little social success, or publicity; many changes and travel
  • Afflicted by Mercury = minor clerk, clothier, draper, grocer, dishonest reputation.
  • Benefic Mercury = good judge, minister, ambassador, philosopher, councilor, trustee

Venus in 10th: Trade related to jewels or luxury items, hotel, beauty, pleasures, art, music, entertainment, sex. Gain from government, farming or women. Stylish clean person. May be a widely celebrated personality. Likely to rise in status.

  • If malefic influence one my have trouble from government and face disrepute.
  • Good aspect of Sun, Jupiter or Moon = social distinction, honours, financial success
  • Affliction = limitation, insignificant status, support of authority
  • Good aspect by Mercury = love of art, music, painting, eloquence, composition, stagecraft, officers, printer, decorators, druggist (bar tenders), travel.
  • If in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius = science, mathematics, astrology
  • If afflicted = improper work related to private or public relationships, trouble from government, disrespect

Saturn in the 10th: Very prudent person. Prime Minister or chief of city or village, judiciary, public service, social work, electronics, mining, petroleum, cleaner, security guard, peon, factory worker, slave, menial worker, hard work. Long slow career; steady advancement. My gain from agriculture. Maintain status in foreign land.

  • If benefic influence = success
  • If malefic influence = obstacles to work
  • If in Pisces, may renounce the world.
  • If in weak or enemy sign = cruel, miserly service.
  • Influenced by favourable Mercury = government official, land surveyors, managers, lawyers, scientist, geologist, architects, mining engineer, employment requiring care, skill, patience and great effort.
  • Afflicted by Mercury = menial jobs like coal handler or gardener
  • If in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini = teacher, administrator, occult sciences
  • If in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Libra, Aquarius = renunciate, writer, astrologer, preacher.

Rahu in the 10th: Gives a strong desire to get out into the world. Work may involve foreigner, outsiders, migratory . Police, railway, insurance, bank. Does not tolerate hindrances.

  • If well placed = sensual, extravagant, affluent, killer of enemies, fond of drama, battle, successful in business, a ruler, success in lawsuits, skilled in writing or publishing,
  • If poorly placed = clever thief, characterless, quarrelsome, dishonest, miserable, inert, indifferent, unfortunate,

Ketu in the 10th:

  • If in Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo, Aries = defeats enemies, craftsman, self-realization, challenging, much traveling
  • If in Pisces or Sagittarius = great honour and recognition, wise authority on scriptures, living in foreign land, many victories.
  • Ketu in 10th is not good for business, but one may find success in a foreign land if it’s in a movable sign.
  • If poorly placed = lowly habits, no support from parents, opposes all good activities, fraud, failures, faces unfavourable public and market conditions, economic changes and depressions.

Lord of some other house in the 10th house will also have an effect:

6th lord in the 10th house = chemistry, military science, law, medicine

Miscellaneous rules that may prove influential.

  • Technical planets: Mars, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu
  • Jupiter in 1st, 4th, or 10th gives good wealth.
  • In Virgo ascendent, Saturn rules the 5th and 6th houses; this Saturn is in the first house often makes a teacher.
  • “Should a benefic occupy the 10th house and the 10th lord is in full strength, occupies and angle or a trine position identical with it’s swakshetra or exaltation sign, or if the lord of ascendent is in the 10th house, then the native will be revered by all, widely celebrated, inclined to virtue. He will be fortunate like a king and enjoy longevity.”
  • If 10th lord is in any way associated with a malefic including malefic varga = humiliation.
  • If 10th house has more malefic aspect = imperfect in performance of duties.
  • 10th house hemmed by benefics = respected person (if also aspected by benefic will earn a great name).
  • Rahu or Ketu influence on 10th house = order or exercise of cruel duties
  • 10th lord in the 6th, 8th or 12th house is said to give trouble from the government.

For Business:

  • more benefic aspect on the 10th , Mercury in the 10th, Lagnesha in 10th,
  • Lord of 10th in Kendra, trine or 11th house with benefic aspect
  • Lord of 10th in own sign associated with benefic = respectable businessman

Various conjunctions:

Venus/Saturn: gives skill in crafts and writing, may earn thru purchasing, selling, lending, or partnerships with others. (Venus should be especially strong for positive results). Otherwise Saturn will give skill in wood splitting, shaving, painting, crafts, wrestling, and rearing animals.

Mars/Mercury: Metallurgical engineering, medicine trader. One who plans and considers their action before going forward.

Venus/Moon: Trader of clothes, perfumes, flowers, finery. Lover of art, poetry, beauty

Notes on Education and spiritual path

5th lord in….

1st house: Very educated

2nd house: Economics, commerce

3rd house: Communications, drawing, painting, military science, engineering, physics.

4th house: Obstacles to education, chemistry, medicine, king, minister

5th house: Politics, leadership, stagecraft

6th house: Obstacles to education

7th house: Bachelor of Arts or Masters. Broad education.

8th house: Obstacles to education

9th house: Author, PhD, Broad learning

10th house: Authority position, government favour, illustrious productivity

11th house: Higher education in commerce, economics, Illustrious author.

12th house: Education may be wasted.

Dashavatara: (1-6: satya yuga; 7: Treta yuga; 8: Dwapara yuga; 9,10: Kali yuga

      1. Matsya: fish; Ketu
      2. Kurma: tortoise; Saturn
      3. Varaha: Boar; Rahu
      4. Narasimha: Half man, half lion; Mars
      5. Vamana: a boy; Jupiter
      6. Parashurama: Warrior with axe (first brahmin/kshetriya); Venus
      7. Rama: ideal hero; Sun
      8. Krishna (also Vishnu or Balarama); Moon
      9. Buddha (also Balarama, Vithoba, or Jagannath); Mercury
      10. Kalki (appears in the end to defeat all enemies);

Influence on the 9th house:

Sun: worship sun god, Ganesha, Shakti, Gayatri mantra

Moon: Shavite, bhakti marg, Rudra

Mars: Begging

Mercury: seller of herbs and medicines in garb of Monk or Tantric

`Jupiter: True saint, gyana yog

Venus: Vishnavites

Saturn: Tantrics, Aghoris (can give severe penance).

Planet – Hindu God – Christian equivalent

Sun – Shiva – Holy ghost

Moon – Parvati – Virgin Mary

Mars – Kartikeya – Crusaders

Mercury – Vishnu  – Pope & Saints

Jupiter – Indra – Jesus Christ

Venus –  Laxmi – Angels

Saturn – Brahma –   –

Rahu – Durga –    –

Ketu – Ganapati —

Brahma gives life (longevity)

Vishnu gives sustenance (wealth)

Shiva gives marriage, children, guru, blessings