About Sleeping Dog Blog

The great Tantric impeller, Bhairava rides on the back of a dog. The dog is a symbol some many urges and desires that orthodox spirituality asks us to repress. Tantra seek some spiritual advantage even in desires. Tantric enlightenment includes pleasure and activity on the world as much as it included love and morality. If a dog is a good enough of a vehicle for Bhairava to use to reach out to the world, then it’s certainly good enough for me. I’m not actually much of a dog person; I like them well enough when they’re well behaved, but just the smallest bark will find its way to fears deep in my heart.

Part of any creative endeavour is facing such fears. I sometimes think I would rather face a pack of rabbit dogs than publish my writing. But I’ve had to admit long ago that I’m a writer. I write as much for my own learning and development as I do to inform, teach, and share. Writing, astrology, healing and the rest have been, if nothing else, the tools I use to reach out to the world; way of reminding you and I that we are not alone, we are not actually separate and distinct. You, my readers, surely live within me just as by reading these words you open up yourself to give me residence within your heart. There is no end to the relationships in our lives. There is nothing figurative about this big happy family of a universe we are all a part of.

I thank you for reading and writing me with your own stories. I certainly never expected that my words would reach such a large audience. I am always touched deeply by the messages I receive. Thank you for being a part of me and reminding me of this with your presence in my life.