“Aath Pinde Tat Brahmade” — What we have inside is what we recognize outside.

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Mike Holliday is a lover of philosophy, yoga, Ayurvedic Astrology & Traditional Science and healing. He has been traveling the world since 2007.

Mike has been studying philosophy, body arts and self healing since a young age. He studied Philosophy at the University of Alberta before going on to study writing at MacEwan College. During his university years he was also very involved a neo-chan version of Kung Fu as well as attending private classes in Therevada Buddhism.

Mike has spent several years in Varanasi, India living and studying with his teacher, Sanjay Tripathi as well as with other local sources of knowledge. It’s from this Varanasi home that Mike also teaches, heals, and consults with clients on a variety of topics. Mike has studied yoga in Canada, Nicaragua and India; massage in Guatemala and Thailand; Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in South India and Thailand. He is currently in Tofino, BC, Canada to complete a training program in Yoga Therapy.

Mike Holliday is a Vedic Astrologer, Yoga Instructor, Story Teller, Health and Lifestyle councillor. He can be contacted at holliday.michael@gmail.com