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Natal Chart Analysis

There are generally 4 parts to an astrology ready. 1. Checking the data. We always begin by discussing some major themes of your life as well as a couple of specific events in your past. 2. We discuss what you want/expect from your future and wether or not this is supported in your chart. 3. I answer whatever questions you might have. 4. We discuss remedial measures.

Chart Matching

This involves Nakshatra matching, but also matching the karmic patterns of both charts to see if there is a match. This kind of reading can be used for marriage matching, but also for relationship counselling and to understand the deeper karmic patterns of your relationships. 

How to book an appointment

Send me an E-mail.


  1. The date, time & place of your birth.
  2. Any questions you have about your future.
  3. Relevant details
  4. Detailed information about any remedial measures you are are using or those you are interested in using.
  5. Donate.

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I will send an e-mail reply and we will arrange a date and time to speak on Skype for approximately one hour. Written reports are also available.

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